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Our Acorns


Our Acorns


Acorno Acorns are handpicked from the ground in Northern Vermont, PA and Arkansas. Acorno sells Northern Red Oak Acorns by the pound, White Oak Acorns by the pound, and Pin Oak Acorns by the pound. All of our acorns are 100% natural pesticide free and sun-dried. Acorno sells acorns for planting, crafts, displays, wedding centerpieces/favors, squirrel food and deer food.

The Red Oak Acorns are only green when they are still on the tree and within 1 month of falling from the tree. The Red Oak Acorns color changes to a light to medium redish - brown.  

Our acorns can be used for animal feed, crafts, planting, and display. Acorno ships acorns to anywhere in the United States and Canada. Shipping within the United States usually takes 2-5 business days. Shipping to Canada can take up to 7 business days. Oak Acorns for Sale - Year-Round

About Acorno Acorns Acorno Acorns, a seller of premium Oak acorns, sells Northern Red Oak Acorns and White Oak Acorns by the pound. 

Our Acorns All of our acorns for sale are picked from the ground using non-gas/non-electric machines. 95% of our acorns are cap-less meaning the cap is no longer attached to the nut. Acorns with caps still attached are only available at the beginning of the harvest in August and September - when the acorns and cap are still attached to the tree. If you need acorns with caps for craft purposes - see our craft acorn-ordering page here.

**Info: The reason the caps are not attached to the acorn after harvest is due to the acorn growing and "shedding" the cap. An acorn is a living organism. While the acorn ages, the cap loosens and separates from the nut.

The Acorn Collection Process Acorno Acorns does not oven-dry acorns. Our acorns are 100% natural nuts with zero pesticides and chemicals added. Acorno Acorns are shipped to you in a breathable brown paper bag. While your acorn is still a living organism, we recommend you store your acorns in a cool place, away from direct sunlight - to prevent mold until you plan to use your acorns.

How Many Acorns are in (1) Pound? Approx. 60-80 Northern Red Oak Acorns, White Oak Acorns in 1 pound. 

Pricing Our acorns are sold from $2 to $6 per lb. Bulk discounts are given on orders of 100 lbs or more. Please see our acorn-ordering page here for ordering acorns by the pound and bulk discounts.

How Many Acorns Can I Order? Acorno Acorns sells acorns by the pound. You can order acorn bags of 1 pound, 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 25 lbs, 50 lbs, 100 lbs and up to 50,000 lbs of acorns. Our acorns are harvested in Vermont, New Jersey, Arkansas and other areas of the Eastern United States.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us: Email: info@Acorno.com or phone: 802-363-1582    

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