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Terms & Conditions


By ordering from www.acorno.com or by phone; you are in agreement to our product terms & conditions set forth below.

Our product terms agreement was set in place to give you a little information on the products we sell - acorns! Acorns are simply the most beautiful nuts that fall from trees. Acorno is a small family business that is operated from our farm house in Vermont. We collect our own acorns for sale and work with collectors around the country. It is our goal to sell you quality acorns. Acorns can be used for planting, decoration, crafts, animal feed, display and any other use you can think of!

  • Acorns are collected from the ground. The Oak tree drops the acorns to the ground in late-Summer and early fall. Acorns are collected from the ground using all natural collection methods.
  • On the ground are white larvae worms (little white worms) that crawl inside the acorn and eat the nut meats. 6 out 10 acorns have been infected by the white larvae. Acorns are a favorite treat of the white larvae worm. Since our collection methods are all-natural; you may receive white larvae worms in your order. We do not process refunds or returns if you receive white larvae worms in your order. We do everything we can to send you beautiful acorns – but mother- nature devised the system with the worms & the acorns. It would be much easier if acorns were produced in a factory in China.
  • The best way to ward off any potential white larvae worm infestation is to open your box(s) as soon as you receive them and transfer your acorns to a brown bag or cardboard box. We recommend freezing acorns until using or storing acorns in a dry, dark cool place with no humidity.
  • Acorns – like most nuts – are very perishable and can develop mold due to moisture content. Acorns contain very high moisture content – in fact – the highest of all nuts & seeds. If acorns are not kept dry or in a cool dark place; they may develop mold. If your acorns develop mold during shipment you can wash the acorns under warm water and dry with a house fan. Store your acorns in a freezer or in a cool, dry, dark place. We do not process refunds or returns if your acorns develop mold.
  • The only acorns we sell for human consumption are at www.acorno.com/edibleacorns.html
  • You agree to provide us with your correct shipping address. If your order is sent back to us - you will need to pay to have it shipped back to you. We do not offer refunds to customers that supplied us with an incorrect shipping address. We ask you to double check that you inputed the correct shipping address in the checkout screen.
  • If we have questions about your order - we will email you. Until we receive a response from you - your order is put on 'hold' status' - which means your order will not ship until we hear from you via email.
  • We do not sell acorns for human consumption.

By placing your order on www.acorno.com or over the phone - you have agreed to our product terms agreement, you agree that your acorns may mold and it is beyond our control. You also agree that your acorns may have weevils or white larvae crawling around in the box or in the acorns. You understand that since acorns are a product of nature and our acorn collection methods do not include the use of un-natural chemicals, that you may receive mold and or white larvae.

You agree and understand that due to the 'nature' of the product being sold, Acorno does not offer refunds or returns.