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White Oak Acorns

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Product Description

How many acorns are in a Pound?

Approx. 60 to 80 acorns are in 1 lb.

  • White Oak Acorns have a very short shelf life of about 3-6 days. White Oak Acorns are very messy due to their high moisture content. They mold very quickly and contain larvae worms (grubs) tiny white worms. These worms get into the acorns and eat their way threw the acorn while on the tree and ground. Their is nothing we can do to prevent larvae from being in the shipping box. Most times you can't even see the grubs because they are in the acorns. They come out of the acorn during shipping. Most of the larvae will be on the bottom your box(es). 
  • White Oak Acorns germinate (Sprout) as soon as they fall from the tree. Most of your White Oak Acorns will have sprouted by the time you receive them. 
  • We sell White Oak Acorns for a very short time due to their unstable short shelf life. These White Oak Acorns are sold for deer feed only. If you require White Oak Seeds please order from our seeds category: www.acorno.com/oak-tree-seeds.html
  • White Oak Acorns are not sold for crafts, displays, eating, squirrel food or human consumption. We sell White Oak Acorns for deer feed only. We do not accept refunds or returns.
  • Many of your White Oak Acorns will have holes in the acorns due to the larvae (grubs) eating their way through the acorn. 
  • The White Oak Acorn is not an attractive acorn. Prepare yourself for receiving messy, moldy and moist acorns. 


The picture above is of the White Oak Acorns. Not all acorns look the same. Acorns can look different as each harvest area produces smaller or larger acorns. Acorns don't have an exact size or an exact look.

What to expect when ordering real white oak acorns:

  • Acorns are all-natural.
  • Acorns are not perfect. Some acorns have holes, others have cracks.
  • Acorns are a favorite food of white larvae. Expect to have larvae crawling around in your order. If you don't want larvae - order our baked acorns.
  • Acorns contain 34% water/moisture content and mold very quickly. Keep your acorns in a cool, dry, dark room before using.
  • White Oak Acorns germinate (sprout) as soon as they fall off the tree.
  • White Oak Acorns develop mold within a few days. They are a very messy acorn. You will need to use the acorns ASAP or freeze them.

Shipping Times:

USA: Allow 1-2 days to pack your order and 2-4 business days for shipping.

Canada: We strongly advise against ordering White Oak Acorns to be shipped to Canada. White Oak Acorns have a very short shelf life and will spoil/rot inside the box due to the 6-10 business days it takes to arrive at your address in Canada.

All Natural?

Our acorns for sale are all-natural acorns. This means they have not been treated with chemicals. We collect the acorns when they fall and store the acorns in dry storage.

White Larvae Worms?

Larvae is a worm that feeds off the acorns while the acorns are still on the trees. Fresh acorns contain more larvae than non-fresh acorns. Your order may contain larvae. We do our best to sort through the acorns to make sure you don't receive larvae with your order. But - since acorns are an all-natural product we can't guarantee you won't receive larvae with your order. If you don't want to take the chance  - order our baked acorns.

Larvae Meter

White Oak Acorns: Expect to receive a lot of larvae (grubs). Larvae love the sweet taste of the White Oak Acorns.

Acorn Uses:

White Oak Acorns: Deer feed only. We do not sell White Oak Acorns for squirrel food, crafts or weddings.

Oak Tree Seeds can be purchased in our Oak Tree Seeds category.

Do Caps come on the Acorns?

No, caps do not come on the acorns. The only time you see a cap on an acorn is when the acorn is still attached to the tree. An acorn is a living, growing seed and the cap keeps the acorn connected to the tree. Once the acorn falls, the cap is designed to fall off the acorn to allow the acorn to grow into a new tree. You can purchase caps for your acorns here.


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